Frame Running Sessions

Sessions will resume on Monday February 19th, 2024 at the Riverside Sports Arena. If you are interested in trying frame running please get in touch by emailing    

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New Frame Running Classification

The IPC (International Paralympic Committee) has approved the new frame running classification process. The new classes of T71 and T72 will apply to any new athlete being classified and athletes classified under the previous system will require re-classification over time.

Commitment to RaceRunning Award

This year’s “Commitment to RaceRunning Award” has been awarded posthumously to Jackson Chambers.

Jackson joined the club in 2012 travelling to Perth for his very first competition in September that year where he captivated everyone with his smile and enthusiasm on winning his first medals. He continued to attend sessions over the years when his health allowed. With the support of his PE department, Jackson was able to use Frame Running as one of his sports for his PE syllabus. He was on his frame earlier this year collecting data for his Higher PE exam. Sadly, this was to be Jackson’s last session and it was with great sorrow that we learnt of his passing in July, aged 17.

Jackson had a very gentle personality and a huge smile and it was our gain that he was part of our community.

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