RaceRunning at APCP Annual Conference

RaceRunning at UK National Paediatric Physiotherapists (APCP) Annual Conference

RaceRunning featured as the final session at the APCP (Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists) Annual Conference. The session included presentations by two of Scotland’s young CP athletes both of whom are RaceRunning World Champions.

First Gavin Drysdale (pictured) opened the session by using his communication device, presentation slides and video to tell the packed hall how RaceRunning has changed his life over a period of 7 years since he started at 7 years old.

Then Hannah Dines told how she started RaceRunning as a university student only a couple of years ago, and the significance and joy in finding that there was a sport that she could compete in and derive the health and well being benefits that regular exercise brings.

Next Dr. Liz Bryant (Chailey Heritage Clinical Services) presented the results from her pilot study looking at the effect of a 12 week running bike intervention on the gross motor function, bone health and quality of life in non-ambulant children with cerebral palsy which even over such a short time showed encouraging results.

And finally, physiotherapist Gabriela Todd shared her journey of setting up the first RaceRunning club in Wales (Cardiff).

All speakers and the whole session was extremely well received, with Gavin and Hannah receiving the limelight attention. There was significant interest and some of the physiotherapist’s present have since been actively promoting Running Bikes in their areas.