Club Objectives

  1. To establish and provide a recreational activity club, primarily based on the Running Bike, for children and adults with restricted mobility.
  2. For the club to be fun and friendly, where friendships are formed and self-confidence grows.
  3. To provide the opportunity for aerobic exercise for children and adults with restricted mobility.
  4. For those children and adults interested in competing; to facilitate, prepare and train them for participation in RaceRunning competitions.
  5. As the first RaceRunning club established in the UK;
    To actively help promote RaceRunning, particularly in Scotland. This will include attending and in some case organising special events for children and adults to try/participate in RaceRunning
     o  Set an excellent example that other clubs will hopefully wish to adopt.
  6. Establish links with other sports disability clubs to broaden and expand the horizons of our club members in areas of social contact, experiences, activities, etc.