Competing Is Fun

ACE RaceRunning club is both a recreational club as well as a sports club. You can be a member and participate in club activities from a recreational aspect only and there is no pressure to participate in RaceRunning sports competitions/events. Around 75% of members do participate in competitions. There are different levels of competition, starting from all fun festivals, to Scottish Disability Sports (SDS) athletics events, to National SDS competitions, to Scottish Athletics Elite competitions, to International competitions. We have club members participating in all levels of competitions. The club’s main focus is on facilitating and preparing participation in SDS athletics events of which there are 5 to 6 competitions per year. The SDS athletics events are very friendly, welcoming and hugely encouraging. At these SDS events, coaches, parents or carers are allowed to walk/run with new and inexperienced racerunners. Those providing a reassuring introduction to athletics events and supportive ongoing development.